Monday, May 18, 2009

Back to my roots

I could not imagine being this busy .... again.. after all this time! but yes, by no stretch of the imagination I've been running around like a busy bee for the last couple of months. The reason why? Well that's because I've been pulled in by Evy the owner of one of the premier Jazz Clubs in Asia to do her marketing and pr for the Club.

Initially it was establishing my presence there, letting people know I was the new kid on the block, introducing myself to the VIPs and the Cultural ambassadors from all the embassies as well as the media and the Hotels. A lot of Embassy parties to attend. Eventually I was also dealing with our suppliers who are also sponsors and helping Evy run the Club while she was away, once to Australia, where I played Tag team with her , leaving for OZ myself when she returned and then to the UK. We seem to be a good team and have been making headway in the music scene as well as an establishment for private parties... and believe me we've had a few!

I love every moment of it, it's brought me back to what I know very well, and that's the music world, I have had a lot of warm "welcome backs" been thrown at me by artists I haven't seen in a while, though it took a lot of getting used to, the hours as well were a bit upside down, as I usually get up at 7am in the morning to send the kids to school, but, we've managed to work out some type of time schedule and everything is moving more smoothly.
We've got an amazing line up for the next couple of months, out doing the last few months, which were phenomenal. Though there were rumbles of economic downturn and our elections, we've pulled through and with flying colours.

I have not had the time to sort through the HYP programmes nor the MLM business I was involved in, two main factors were time and location. The MLM business I began, was based in another country and the shipment and exchange rates were not on my side. Plus with the exchange rate, the people here were not interested in purchasing the product when they could set aside that money for a "just in case " scenario. Until those two main factors change , there really isn't that much I can do. For now I have to concentrate on pulling in sponsorship deals for the club as we've got so many events laid out until the end of the year.

Much is in the works for the future, with two album launches and a possibility of bringing in one of Britain's got Talent winners, I'm very excited!

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