Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Half way there

Penang is always a pleasure to work in, we had a great time filming there for ep 5, apart from the wonderful developments they have, the food is always something to look forward to! As for entertainment, there is plenty, we went to both Bagan Restaurant and GSpot to see our fav artists perform, bumped into a few KL friends (can't get away from em!) and managed to find ourselves an excellent make up artist to take over the make up duties in Penang that our very talented one in KL couldn't be present for. Penang's got talent!

There has been a bit of a reshuffle in the company. We have a new marketing director on board, who is sprinkling magic dust on all our developers, I am sure their heads must be spinning ! It has done miracles though with our production schedule. So used to working furiously for short bursts of time, we can now pace ourselves.. not quite what we are used to!

Episode 5 went to air last night after we were bumped off last week for the CNY specials on the FTA station that we purchased air time from, but that is fine as we believe this week's episode captured a load more of viewers, well I say so as I'm getting more tweets, sms's and fb alerts! Oh yeah every Wednesday night my phone is lava hot!

We are now in the midst of completing ep 6 & 7 which brings us to the half way mark of the show's season. I can see we have evolved somewhat from the first episode, (well I don't look like a wooden doll anymore!!!) the format has become more defined and now to ensure updates on next weeks show, kind of hard as we work on a current development basis, but we will try.

We will be incorporating a competition into the show as well, it all very exciting and I am sure with iproperty creating their own video page, using our videos which are linked, we expect more traffic to our website! Ep 6 we will be mentioning the competition.

Keep following us on our quest for the perfect lifestyle!

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