Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello me Lovelies!!! A whole year of NOT blogging! Happy Belated New Year!  I've missed being able to pour out all my mental diarrhea online!! Hah, not quite what was expected in terms of adjectives but it works for me!  Well it takes very little to make me happy!

Something my close friends tend to do,  the phone was ringing incessantly off the mobile network system (can one say hook if it's a mobile?..) I finally pick up after the third call as NO ONE leaves messages anymore, by the way I do like voice messages, it's more comforting to hear a voice than to have to read *where are YOU?* or *CALL ME*.
 "Oi, how come you're not picking up our other calls " purrs Gina down the phone "I am a very busy and important person and have other things to do like go to the loo" I said. "well anyway, get over here now, no need to gear up, you look beautiful anyway and we're only going for drinks at the usual place" Gina says trying to charm her way around my surprise at having to up sticks and go meet them at such short notice.  "you have half an hour, see you in a bit" and she rings off.  I stare at my mobile for a sec.  Right.. war paint on, battle gear on and arghhh where are those ear rings that go with the blasted dress!

Another call comes in 15 minutes later, "I AM on my way out!" I say to Kina on the phone as I know they are tag teaming me on the calls.  "Well hurry up, we're here!" says Kina. "Ok Ok, COMMINGGGG!"

I walk in to our usual hang out and unplug my headphones as I see the two most beautiful women I know perched at the bar.  Smiling at them I, lean over to greet Kina first, then Gina.  They are both giving me appraising looks .. "yesss??? " I say to them, raising my eyebrows.  They both smile and Gina gets the waiter to pour me some wine.  "So what's up girls?" I ask them, "It feels like the end of school and we're all about to leave for different colleges!" I say.  "It's the new year" says Kina, "makes you feel like that".  "Damn, it's already Feb, can you imagine it?  2012 has started fast!' I exclaim.  We catch up with each other, Gina's just come back from a month in the States and Mexico and Kina from Cambodia.

Needless to say, the conversation turns to me and my singleness... it's begins with "the problem with you D is..."  I'm inwardly groaning, here we go... .  I remind myself, you love them, you love them, they're only saying this for your own good, grin and bear it.

I finally manage to get them off the topic and we talk about work, their boutique and my show.  Gina says "we're just wondering why you're still pushing ahead with season 2 of your show?"
"Why not?" I say.  "well we think you should do something more fun, more you!"  says Kina.  "Well real estate is a good subject, and I enjoy it" I retort.

My show finally went to air in Jan 2011, after two years of lobbying to get it up and going.  It took every ounce of determination and push from me and my team to get it on air.  I was very proud of it and also of the fact that I'd done what I had set out to do.  Now it was about figuring out if I wanted to keep at it or switch subjects.  I had come up with two more concepts for shows and was waiting for some legal paperwork before submitting it.

Gina and Kina both start pitching some ideas to me, I should have gotten someone to take a picture of my face, hah, the ideas were quite out there bless them!  However there is one that might work..  As I watch them get into a debate on which idea would work better, I think to myself, yes we've really come a long way in the one year, but our friendship still remains the same. . Dx

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