Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bring on the Power Tools!

Do you guys remember Tim the Tool man Taylor? arrhh arhhh arhhh arhhh!  Well I'm not going to be talking about those sort of tools!  It's more about the tools that your require for your business or creative project.

Tim Allen was a scream in this sitcom!
I 've been chatting to certain friends who are in the middle of their creative projects, some required more art equipment, some better Internet access, some equipment for their kitchens and for those who are into sports even the garments they wear make a difference.
For me as a producer, obviously I love to see what we're creating in detail, so HD cameras and the latest in editing software are naturally on the tool list.  So how do you go about getting the tools of your trade ?  Is it via word of mouth?  The latest trending tech?  The most expensive brand? Tried and tested?
Well I think it's a little of all that plus doing some research.  For me it's going on the net and doing a comparison of the top 10 in the relevant category.  With so many users on the market it's a lot easier to garner information, feedback on the product and ratings so we can draft our wish list and then break it down to our top 3.
I also speak to professionals who use these products and give them the choices  I've put on my list and ask them for their opinions.  A lot of the time they will ask what the budget is, what you will be using the product for, how long you expect it to last, is it for a hobby or for professional work, so many variables which  conclusively boil down to your personal preference.

My trusty Minolta, it's still in good nick! heh museum piece soon :-)
Take for example and don't laugh please, the first camera bought for me was from by elder brother Mel,  it was a Minolta, you want to talk about brand loyalty, I'll put my hands up now because that camera worked perfectly for decades.. yes and if I could find film today I'm sure it would still work!
However if I was to purchase a DSLR camera my preference would be a Cannon, and that is because of how it handles for me.  Same with knives I have a preference for German knives, because I like the shape of their blades, the weight and grip of their handle while other cooks will swear by Korin which are Japanese. These Knives are expensive running into the hundreds, however you certainly don't need one of these knives to cook a great meal.
The Knives the Pro's use
The Knives Daph uses!
The point I'm getting at is the most expensive the tool is not necessarily the best tool to get for you, performance,  quality and durability is what you need to look at and hey sometimes that $50 slicer one bought works just as great as the $350 mandoline slicer  that the professionals use.
Mind you there are some things that you just can't compromise on.. like a really good cup of coffee!
You have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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