Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cookies n Cream

My daughter and daughter in law to be, testing my body butter!

For some reason everything comes to a standstill this month, and the meetings get postponed to the next, so turning my creative energies elsewhere,  I invariably end up in the Kitchen... uh where else!!

Since a very young age I've been told to use cream on my skin, being in Europe as well made my skin very dry.  I remember as a kid before we went skiing or hiking in the mountains my mother would make us slather Nivea cream on our faces,  my stepdad said we looked like we had kissed the frying pan!  As I grew up, trying this and that, I've narrowed  down the two products that  have worked wonders for my skin.    The two products are coconut oil and cocoa butter.

So having one of my moments in the bathroom, hey admit it, we all get our brilliant ideas when we're in there, mine especially in the shower, it must be the steamy, foamy environment... Ok moving on, anyway I was wondering what would happen if I combined the two together, alchemy I thought.  Well not so much alchemy as a test of sorts.

I gathered up my all natural  TRU RA cacao butter and my cold pressed coconut oil, and went to work.  I started with the cacao butter, because its a solid block in it's natural state, and will melt at body temperature.  If you think you can just rub the entire block down your body and it's going to melt on contact you'd be at it the whole day!!!   What I usually do is melt some first as needed and then apply it, so yes it can be a bit time consuming if your want pure cacao butter.

I cut a wedge of cacao butter

Virgin Coconut oil

First of all I melted the cacao butter in a make shift bain marie, then I mixed in the coconut oil

Once the two were combined I chilled it in the freezer for a few minutes :

Whisked it all up again, and this was the result :

Really awesome Caco Coconut Body Butter!  

Just put  it into an empty container and you have your OWN pure Body Butter

Obviously the more edible solution would be the Choc Chip and Sultana Cookies I made afterwards!!!

Cookie Monster!
I don't think I'll go into production yet for the cacao coco butter which reminds me I have to get cracking as another batch of ginger awaits me as the Tickled Pink Ginger™ is flying off the shelves since I launched my brand of pickled ginger!  Thanks again for reading my blog and for subscribing! Have a great week ahead!

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