Monday, May 8, 2017

Hello New World!

Hello! Hello!  my first blog of 2017!  Well it's been a tremendous year so far, and I'm loving every moment.  A really good friend of mine just gave me a gentle nudge about the blog so I've decided to start filling in all the blanks since 2016

I left off last year when Kudsia Kahar my media partner and myself started stirring our couldrons, ooh yea we are up to something.  We're currently sourcing for sponsorship as the entire show we've put together is ready to roll out.

It was such a whirlwind of packing, packing packing, selling off and giving away all my worldly goods, yes I got rid of everything I had in my house , well except for the kids of course!!! I had decided I was moving and that was that.  Gave notice to the landlord, gave the car to the mechanic to sort out, uploaded all my stuff on the preloved goods website and everything else I gave away to charity.

I remember sitting there amongst all my stuff wondering if I'd ever be done packing.  Geezzz how much have I accumulated???! My kids retort "well we've been here for 9 year mum what did you expect!"  9 years??!!! Oh my gawd,  time has really just flown by it was supposed to be a 2 year stop gap....
However sometimes life grabs you by the short and curlies and says "oi, wake up, it's time to go forth and explore some better options, gtfo babe!"

And better options there are, we have made the big move, left our country lifted skirts and legged it. We're now in the land down under, immersing ourselves in the laid back lifestyle of the sunnysiders, learning not to say 'slippers' but 'thongs'  and trying not to grin while 'the thong song' plays in my mind every time they correct me!

so along with a new phone number and address, there are also numerous new online sites to do your shopping from, and like most there are cookies and little feedback pop ups which I invariably fill out, because I'm like that!!

This also gives third party marketers your info and then the Tele marketers begin to call, I've had 8 calls so far. Look I know everyone rolls their eyeballs at this, and says grrr they are such a pain in the "beep" , ( ok bum, I said it, I'm not a prude 😜) but think about it, what the person at the other end of the phone has to go through mentally to speak to you, a complete stranger, and try to sell their product in the most innovative non pushy way.

I really feel for them and so I usually give them the time of day to finish their speil, then let them down gently, it is a hard job and kudos to them. I've managed to giggle along to someone trying to sell me funeral insurance, commiserate with someone who was from the seeing  eye dog association to being thanked for being so nice by Raymondo who was from a telco company, he said "you're the kindest person so far,  who has spoken to me, have a great day! " And you know what, I did have a great day!. I've been harping on taking your time to smell that heavenly Columbian coffee for the last few blogs, what is the rush? Where are we all going in such a hurry? Why can't we give  our fellow man a hand after all we could be that person

You all have a great week ahead, I've got a few more topics brewing that I'd like to throw your way but if you do get a telemarketer calling, don't hang up, they're just doing their job. Dx


Sue said...

So glad everything is working out NR-Watcher! You deserve some luck!! xx

Dx said...

Thanks RB, hoping we'll see each other soon enough xo