Sunday, October 1, 2017

Tales from the Bush, part 3

Day 3, Daph's Caf Log (the Sun, new moon Mars, Venus, and Mercury in Virgo)

Oh will you please please shutttt uppppp, sodding birds!!,  Kookaburras sound like they’re having a mad rave up, do they not have volume control???? Doggie looks at me from the side of the bed, "time for breakfast " he says with his eyes.  It's only 6.30 am and we're in full swing.  I grab the dressing gown as the temperature has fallen, hop into slippers and trudge upstairs, bleary eyed to feed and let the dog out.  He looks at me as if to say "wot, you're not coming then?"  (he's english, so he speaks that way)

I stumble back to bed thinking I can get another hour in, BUT NO, the dog begins to bark. Well let’s check to see if someone is at the door. Oh yes, of course, delivery man, with a package (oh behave!) , the earlier the better his attitude seems to say.  I keep a grip on the dog's collar, as delivery man tries to pet the dog.  Can't you see this is a trained attack dog that can kill at 20 paces? ...Not. I think the wagging tail gives it away.  People love Labradors, full stop. 

Leader of the Pack!

The day meanders on, and it's time to let the evil chooks out for their "run".  I head down to the coop and they all gather round the door, "don't even think of rushing me again girls, I've got my ammo with me again" I tell them as I open the door.  Oh, the look of utter disdain on their faces, I swear they're actually grumbling about me.  I go and check to see if there are any eggs, there must be mutiny on the bounty, as no one as laid ANY EGGS!  Oooo, well good thing I'm not having breakfast this morning eh.

Dog and I go for a trot later, and a mad gnashing black ball of fur comes hurtling out of a house trying to attack us.  Doggie just looks at it as if to say, "oi oi, what's YOUR problem guv".  The owner of the white gnashing teeth and black fur runs after his dog and apologises profusely as everyone winds their way around me and I stand in the middle screeching "arrrggghhhhh", like the big girls blouse that I am.    Well that was the excitement for the day.

and it poured down with rain, talk about a bumpy ride!
Lurch aka youngest son arrives later that evening, hens are already in the coop, everything is quiet, looking forward to good night’s sleep. I wonder what the evil cluckers will get up to tomorrow. For now… zzzzzzz


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