Friday, December 4, 2009

the weekend

hey D, did you just get up?" my brother Bob enquires down the phone.
"Well sort of, I'm just watching Friends in bed" I croak back. I love watching Friends, over and over and over again. It puts me in a "happy" place. Just like watching Black Adder when I need to go to sleep, I know it so well, that the moment Rowan Atkinson says "Baldric!" I'm in the land of nod.. don't ask me why but it works!

I'm quite amazed at the amount of invites that are pouring in for this weekend, a hen's party, drinks at trendy bar, dinner for two , bbq at my bro's house (which is why he called)... I guess being in hibernation for the past few weeks has made everyone wonder what I look like now! heh heh. Ah well, the hen's party it is, as my best buddies are goin with me and I promised them first a week ago. Last time we had a hen's night the male stripper/dancer (yeah whateverrrr) kept dancing near me and sitting on my lap.... errr ok... cute but please go hassle the Miss who's about to be a MRS ... Wonder what the entertainment will be tonight.. the theme is Arabian nights.... uh huh... my thoughts exactly.. (look take the thought of 40 odd nebulous women in scantly clad see through clothes posing on cushions being fanned by eunuchs in a large tent like room with scalloped curtains and tassels.. being served Turkish delights and sugared almonds.. Out of your mind.) it's in a restaurant in town...

I'm most certainly not going to be going in some type of floaty number that's for sure! Wonder what the girls will be wearing..

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