Friday, October 15, 2010

This is it!

I was having a meeting with the Film Director I have been wanting to use for my television production , Peggs was with me, and was getting a bit bent out shape as she couldn't find the right type of protein food to eat whilst out, so instead settled for a can of full on full fat Coke!

I said to her * are you sure you want to go there Peggs?* *Yeah* she says nonchalantly...
OooKkkk, so I resume my hyperbole. Two minutes later Peggs looks up from her phone and says *Jo Jo just texted, ICI is in*. I say *oh that's great*... Peggs is grinning from ear to ear, and our Film Director says, *wow , congratulations, that is great news*

I know the news has not hit me yet, as I am not feeling anything, and carry on with the meeting. When we are done, Peggs looks at me and says *WE GOT ICI!!!* and I say *Yippie*, still not fully factoring in what this all means... yes I have delayed reaction syndrome, never try to throw me a surprise party..

When I get home, my really good mate Mikey, is on skype and has BIG news to tell me, so I say the same to him, that I have BIG news to tell him too, so we begin to type in capitols so we know that we are shouting at each other with our news! And only when he says, * you may not realize how pleased I am for you , I have a huge grin on my face* is when it really sunk in. Then I got the goose bumps, and when my best friend Ana texted congrats from France, that was it, you talk about rocking the house... Miz thang here had it goin on!

I can*t tell you how much of a good mood I was in the next day, but it felt and still feels really goooooddd. As I said to Ana, my dreams are becoming my reality.

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