Saturday, November 13, 2010

splash page

*We have the PO!* says Jo Jo*s text to me, and two minutes later she calls, in her sublime Polish accent * what do you want me to do with it? and who*s gonna pick up the original copy*
I smile, and say * Jo, it is the weekend now, just go and chill out* She says * I just wanna get this over and done with * and rings off. We are now officially with a major sponsor for our Air Time, which is ICI Dulux, and a huge weight lifts off all of our shoulders. My exec Producers have been working really hard to pull in all our Developers, they had just come back from Penang, which was a successful trip.

The phone goes off again * Why did*t you call me back* Jer Jer my Media Consultant and good friend says. * I was in the middle of texting you* I reply. *Tsk, Just call me* He says. * Ok we have an Agency should we need to use one* He informs me.
Great stuff, everything is coming together and shaping up really really well. Our show is confirmed to go on air on the 5th Ja 2011, we had just had a meeting that morning with the Broadcasting station.

Sometimes I have to take a deep breath and count all the good things that have happened in the last few months, my show is really taking off, and when my web designer sends out the link for our splash Page, it just makes it all so REAL. I have the Film Director I want on board, and excellent Editor whom I have worked with before, Make up artist as well, now we are just waiting for the Clothes Sponsor and BMW to confirm.
I also received a wonderful e mail from the MM2H Agents Association, and they are happy to endorse the show with the MM2H logo! Truly truly good news, we had been negotiating with them for months now.

Now the real work begins, I have to start storyboarding all the developments we are going to showcase, and gear my self up as I will be hosting the show as well... Am I a control freak.. naahhhh

With all this going on, obviously my social life is down to zero! However, I prefer being the Hermit for now, staying focused on my goals is paramount at the moment. (My excuse for staying home and I am sticking to it!) Ok Ok so the occasional cuppa with an old friend from waaayyy back can still be arranged... I am only human!
Next week, we will be sending out the press release and we start the opening graphics for the show.. SO EXCITED!

Thank you Ana for our text logo. XXX

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