Sunday, June 17, 2018

How ya like me now !

                                       YOU TUBE LINK FOR VLOG

"Mum, you really don't need to get a DSLR camera for your vlogs you know " says my son the all knowing 17 going on 35 year old.
"Your smart phone is more than adequate for the job".  He continues.
"Yes well I need to find out if I can get a tripod and a microphone to attach to it as I'm worried it's going to sound tinny and the video will be shaky"   I reply
"Mum, this is a vlog, not a professional production for Pete's sake! there is no need to make it look so polished.  The guys I watch on you tube just aim and shoot with a bit of editing ".. says smarty pants.  "You can just use your editing app on your laptop and later on figure out if the sounds needs to be tweaked"
When did he get so damn smart hmmnnn.??

The producer in me groaning

I had been thinking for a while now of what I'd like to do, I knew I couldn't  and can't go back to work, and that any sort of travelling is out, and what ever I do has to be a minimal stress level type of set up.  I strongly felt that I needed to give back and to help those who were also in the dark like me, in the beginning,  on the side effects of Chemoteraphy.  What to expect in hospital, how to prepare yourself, etc.    A lot of the info is gleaned from other Cancer patients and survivors, nurses and dietitians etc.    Sharing is caring they say and I'd like to do my bit as well.(to a certain point okkaayyy)

So yea, I shot my first vlog intro on my smart phone's camera,  I corralled my daughter to shoot the video for me.  She used the back of a chair she straddled to keep the cam phone stable.  We did it in less than an hour with me stumbling through all the things I wanted to say and having "chemo brain" or "brain farts" as some people put it !  I've bought an art block since with some masking tape and an  artline pen to write the points down that I'll tape to a wall when I'm shooting so when my mind goes "BLANKKKKK" I can do a quick refocus!  Like using an el cheapo teleprompter!! ha ha ha.  which brings to mind the scene from Love Actually.. remember it?

Now to find a cute guy to hold the cards for me too!! he he he

I 've decided that I wont shoot the vlogs in any particular order, just what ever comes to mind that week.  So everyone can flick through and view the videos they feel are most pertinent to them.  Well it would be nice if all the vlogs were viewed but I totally understand!  Plus I was doing some research on you tube to see if I could leave links on my vlogs for people to use as examples but Uhhh .. so many videos too little time.  So yeah lets keep it short and sweet.

Hmmnn with or without glasses to video?

Since I can't drive yet, it's easier to order everything online.  My brother tells me to not believe in  Dr Google!  I'm like "waaahhhtttt"??!!! "neeveeerrrr" !!! (he thinks I try to diagnose myself and my ailments online!! bah humbug)    However I do google a lot of ways to use essential oils, where to buy herbal teas, pure flax seed oil etc. So I'll be sharing those sites as well on my vlogs as well as the other products I use daily and regularly to keep me going.

OOOPPSSS! errr it was to show healthy eating!

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy the vlogs, and get something out of it.  Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have some questions or suggestions on topics, am all ears. (literally ha ha ha) . take care and see ya on the flip side.