Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Onwards and upwards!

The Team and various consultants roped in!
Well... how long has it been?? Time does fly when you're sitting in a creative think tank!
Ok so we finished Season 1 of the Art of Living Show.  Everyone including yours truly dispersed right quick for a very well deserved break. We were all exhausted at the end of the last day of shoot , so much so that I broke down in tears after we did the farewell shot.  The relief of finally finishing the show and the fact that we did it!

After lolling around and slapping each others backs for a couple of months, I decided to get the team together to start on Season 2,  We've also incorporated a few new media platforms as well to give us more push and we've started negotiating with a cable network to air our show.

However after a few months of talking to clients and sponsors alike we realised not everyone was ready to hop on to Season two this year, so with heart in hand we decided to push back production till 2012, much to everyone's relief.  It's also taking a bit longer as I'm incorporating other regions.

It took a couple of days of me being in the dumps and moping around to get out of the funk (yes yes it really is my baby!)  The team asked me to move ahead with my second concept for a show, which I have!  Ah HAH!   I spent most of the day articulating what had been in my mind for the last few months on paper , well on word for mac that is, we don't do hard copy anymore as we're all tree huggers at heart.   I was also given a time frame, to roll the idea out and make it presentable to potential sponsors.    So if you ask me, we are moving at warp speed, but I've got to make sure the concept is cohesive and that it comes across.  So far I've managed to bring across to the team ,what I have envisioned for our second show.

I've just about put it all together and will be doing the rounds soon to bring this to life.  I am very excited, and it should be fairly entertaining.  No I will not be hosting this show thankfully, I've got one of the co hosts fairly locked down, now to find the other talent.. where is she .. where is she..

Here's to creativity!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Half way there

Penang is always a pleasure to work in, we had a great time filming there for ep 5, apart from the wonderful developments they have, the food is always something to look forward to! As for entertainment, there is plenty, we went to both Bagan Restaurant and GSpot to see our fav artists perform, bumped into a few KL friends (can't get away from em!) and managed to find ourselves an excellent make up artist to take over the make up duties in Penang that our very talented one in KL couldn't be present for. Penang's got talent!

There has been a bit of a reshuffle in the company. We have a new marketing director on board, who is sprinkling magic dust on all our developers, I am sure their heads must be spinning ! It has done miracles though with our production schedule. So used to working furiously for short bursts of time, we can now pace ourselves.. not quite what we are used to!

Episode 5 went to air last night after we were bumped off last week for the CNY specials on the FTA station that we purchased air time from, but that is fine as we believe this week's episode captured a load more of viewers, well I say so as I'm getting more tweets, sms's and fb alerts! Oh yeah every Wednesday night my phone is lava hot!

We are now in the midst of completing ep 6 & 7 which brings us to the half way mark of the show's season. I can see we have evolved somewhat from the first episode, (well I don't look like a wooden doll anymore!!!) the format has become more defined and now to ensure updates on next weeks show, kind of hard as we work on a current development basis, but we will try.

We will be incorporating a competition into the show as well, it all very exciting and I am sure with iproperty creating their own video page, using our videos which are linked, we expect more traffic to our website! Ep 6 we will be mentioning the competition.

Keep following us on our quest for the perfect lifestyle!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas and New Year

It was a completely and utterly mad week prior to Christmas, we were shooting episode 2 and some other episodes as well, I was falling asleep half way through the printing of our storyboards in the middle of the night as we had such early starts.
I am absolutely amazed I managed my lines! But we did it! Oh yes we did it.

Then we had the preview party, which Kym kindly help organise with Jo Jo at his Wine Shop, HM Wines, in Bangsar for the first Episode.

I was so nervous, I was prowling around like a cat on a hot tin roof! I even bugged my brother to come and give me support! His version of support was "ok"
Me - So what do you think of the show?
Bro - "Ok"
Me - Would you watch this show?
Bro - "O..K."
Me - Do you think we look stylish and professional?
Bro - " Ok...hmm"
Me - Do you want a drink?
Bro - Ok
That folks is my brother giving his stamp of approval...
The Night went well, we had mostly very positive comments, and a few that were "hmmnn???", but overall the main sponsor loved it and so did the developers so that was that!

Then it was back to finishing off the final bits of editing for Episode 2, and as usual, me being me, I was not that psyched with the sound (my former music background..eh) so I was irritating my editor about the music beds and the overall sound of the show.. (he will most probably be nodding through gritted teeth here) and of course, I still can't get used to seeing myself on screen, it feels weird, and I am my own biggest critic.. I think he is so fed up of hearing "I LOOK SO FAT!", even my Film Director was looking at me quizzically..

We finally got everything transferred and sent out to the Broadcaster and in my deluded mind I thought I could concentrate on the holidays... but no, there were more interviews and meetings, so I cancelled our holiday to OZ. However , and there is always a however I managed to surprise my family with a trip to Phuket on Christmas day, so off we flew to have some fun in the sun.
It was wonderful to be away, but I just had a look at my phone bill, between my producer in Oz, Kl and my Film Director, Celcom must be raking it in!

Upon returning to KL, we were inundated with all sorts of last minute details, and finally on the 5th, my gal pals organised a night in to watch the show on one of their big screen TVs. It was a noisy, uproariously funny night, with much ribbing and shoulder bumping. When the show finally came on, they were all making their comments and finally one them yelled "SHUT UP I AM TRYING TO WATCH THE BLINKING SHOW !!!" Did they ? Nooo... ( I am still nursing a sore arm from all the smacking I got.. you know how girls are!)

So now we are nose to the grindstone again, I have to finish scripting the up coming shows and make sure I've storyboarded them properly, deal with my producers and finalise the shooting schedules...

Stay tuned for more, and don't forget to watch the show every wed at 8.30 on ntv7 or on our website www.artoflivingshow.com