Sunday, July 27, 2008

Slowly coming back

Woke up today pretty early in the morning, god knows why as it's the weekend and I usually want to lie in as any normal sane person would... However , something had to disturb my slumber. Mind out of the gutter please, it was noise, specifically children squabbling. They must have gotten pretty scared when I wrenched my door open and glared at them.. horrible mum that I am.. and gave them the evil eye. Through gritted teeth, I gave them a few stern words in my best and lowest growl. However a few minutes later the noise level was maxed up again. I'm obviously not as scary as I think I am!

Well I had a lovely evening the night before, I had gone to a Jacuzzi party, and before anyone starts to make salacious remarks, it was completely above board OK. I was invited over for a BBQ. The pool and jacuzzi are part and parcel of most condos. We were invited to hang out in the jacuzzi after appertisers, much to my consternation , as I most assuredly did not want anyone to see my ah.. one pack, but I was outvoted and all eight of us had to do with what we had. My dinner partner for the night had earlier texted me and said, "Now I only have 6 hours to get fit and acquire a six pax...hah!"

It was a lovely balmy night and the water was just right. Being in the water relaxed everyone and put all of us in great spirits. I thought to myself as I was floating along in the jacuzzi (it was a fairly large one) this is the most relaxed I've felt in ages, and lets face it, I've been pretty stressed out.

It's amazing what a few little words of encouragement and well wishes do to your mindset, I find that I'm in a happy mood today, even with the lack of sleep, more focused on what I need to do and can do. I've made some positive steps towards realizing my dreams and goals and that gives me the biggest buzz.

Friday, July 4, 2008


I finally dragged my butt down to the Ayurvedic centre on James' advice and got treated for the cough, and a whole host of other things I didn't realise were part of the symptoms (insanity was not one of them.. yet). After a two weeks course of the most disgusting medicine I had to drink, I really was not looking forward to more 'poo juice', as a friend of mine put it to me bluntly.

When I came back from my trip to Sarawak, I went back for more torture on the taste buds, which I needed like a hole in the head. I'd been playing host and driver and shopping partner and, and, and the list is endless, to my mother who had come down for a 3 week visit. Now I can hear the groans, but honestly I was happy she came down,.. really... no really! No kidding! I needed someone to take care of me, and who better then your own mum. The clucking, nagging, questioning was nothing compared to the favourite meals cooked, and cups of tea in bed.

However I laughed out loud when I came home one night and she was waiting up for me! I hadn't had that treatment for a long time and it brought back so many memories! It was sweet of her, waiting for her adult daughter in the wee hours of the morning! made me feel 16 again!
Ok ok so she did push me a little to go back to the ayurvedic centre before she left.. (.how do they manage to make you feel like a 10 year old again?....)

So anyways I've gone back to the centre and I am on a 21 day course of oil massages, baths and rice scrub... nothing to complain about... and the medicine isn't too yucky....the oil in the nose and ears a bit freaky, but anything in the name of detoxifying. The after effect is that you feel really tired, and tend to fall asleep early in the day. Trying to answer e mails is an effort, hell thinking of answering the e mails is tiring! The fact that I'm writing is somewhat of a mini miracle zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............hmmffnn....zz... snork.........