Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Onwards and upwards!

The Team and various consultants roped in!
Well... how long has it been?? Time does fly when you're sitting in a creative think tank!
Ok so we finished Season 1 of the Art of Living Show.  Everyone including yours truly dispersed right quick for a very well deserved break. We were all exhausted at the end of the last day of shoot , so much so that I broke down in tears after we did the farewell shot.  The relief of finally finishing the show and the fact that we did it!

After lolling around and slapping each others backs for a couple of months, I decided to get the team together to start on Season 2,  We've also incorporated a few new media platforms as well to give us more push and we've started negotiating with a cable network to air our show.

However after a few months of talking to clients and sponsors alike we realised not everyone was ready to hop on to Season two this year, so with heart in hand we decided to push back production till 2012, much to everyone's relief.  It's also taking a bit longer as I'm incorporating other regions.

It took a couple of days of me being in the dumps and moping around to get out of the funk (yes yes it really is my baby!)  The team asked me to move ahead with my second concept for a show, which I have!  Ah HAH!   I spent most of the day articulating what had been in my mind for the last few months on paper , well on word for mac that is, we don't do hard copy anymore as we're all tree huggers at heart.   I was also given a time frame, to roll the idea out and make it presentable to potential sponsors.    So if you ask me, we are moving at warp speed, but I've got to make sure the concept is cohesive and that it comes across.  So far I've managed to bring across to the team ,what I have envisioned for our second show.

I've just about put it all together and will be doing the rounds soon to bring this to life.  I am very excited, and it should be fairly entertaining.  No I will not be hosting this show thankfully, I've got one of the co hosts fairly locked down, now to find the other talent.. where is she .. where is she..

Here's to creativity!