Saturday, February 8, 2014

Roses are Red, Violets are blue

I was having a giggle last night with the girls at our fortnightly girls night in.  The topic of valentines day came up and we realised, we were all going to be on our own, which brought sighs to everyone's lips. So I said "well girls it'll just have to be us for a 'non' valentines celebration!.. again "  To wit one of my girlfriends looks up and smiles at me,  as we did this three years ago, and there is where she was introduced by me to her man.

I remember on one valentines day a few years ago,  I was sitting at an outside cafe watching couples stroll by, with flowers in their hands and or dining at the nearby restaurants.  It was a balmy night, they had strung lights across the lamp posts, music was wafting in the air, it was all so romantic. Suddenly out of nowhere comes this young man whom I vaguely knew from work with this very pretty lilac bouquet of flowers and says "these are for you".   I stared at him in stupefaction ,  seconds ticked by, and I realised I was doing an impersonation of a guppy.  I also realised if I didn't take the bouquet from him immediately, he would feel hurt.   I said thank you and and buried my flaming face in the bouquet. This charming man bid me a pleasant evening and went on his way.  Now if that doesn't bring a simile to your face, what will?