Saturday, May 29, 2010

UP their Bums

I'm now more than determined to get my TV show up and running again. We've almost completed the re jigging of the presentation, we have a photo shoot on Tuesday because the pictures of me are slightly dated, and I'm still number crunching the budget as the air time sales have jumped up slightly. I've got two great exec producers on board, and my CFO will be coming back to KL in the next couple of weeks, no doubt she'll be giving me a terrible ear bashing on my amateur cash flow projection attempts, heh heh. Next stage is to get our sponsors on board! I'm so pumped up! More time especially since I'm no longer with Vanity/Envie group.

However the icing on the cake is that I get to go on holiday for a few weeks to center myself, refresh and relaxxxx! yippie!

Zippy de doo dahhh!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Merry Month of May

Would you believe it's been almost half a year already? Where does the time fly? I keep saying to myself, you need to blog regularly, and as we all know something, someone or just life in general gets between you and that blog spot!
Ok where are we now? Right, I'm now doing the PR and Corporate Comm for the group that own Vanity Mansion and Envie Clublounge. Yes YES I know, I said no more crazy all day jobs, but I do love a challenge. Vanity Mansion is new, so I did the PR for their Soft Launch, their Grand Launch, the Food Tasting launch and now I"m working on the Gourmet Club there and hopefully we'll get the Sunday champagne lunch off the ground soon.
Dasha is doing really well in her singing career. We have bookings for her every month, and are able to keep her in the circuit. She's performed for Petronas F1 in March, and tomorrow will begin a 3 night performance for the BMW launch. In June she'll also be flown to Sabah for a performance at the Hyatt Hotel, lets hope this will be the beginning of the international circuit that we've been planning to put her on.
Apart from that there are two more projects in the pipe line, stay tuned as we plot and plan!