Sunday, April 14, 2013

The B is Back

Let me just say it's positively SHOCKING, and yes downright disgusting that I've not blogged for almost two years.... "sorry?"  does not cut it. So lets set the apollo gies aside and start to make it better.

Firstly belated happy "all the celebrations" from August 2011 (ok ok so I can generalise like the best of em)  and lets get into what's been going on for those lost months.  Ready?  go get a chair and a cuppa, always works best.

Lets just fast forward to today, I'm in the middle of sending out a complete break down of our budget for all our shows, docos and programs to certain agencies who want to become involved, the accountant hired to do the job is having nightmares, and is doing his best to keep me at bay whilst I bombard him with questions, the predominant one being "WHEN IS IT READY???!!".  Poor guy, I have to check what his medical coverage is!

Much is afoot, we're putting together a marketing/advertising video for the Art of Living Show Season 2.  I sat down with the team and gave them my quirky ideas, (the feedback was.. "you watch waaayyy to many shows!")  I'm trying to redefine the look and feel of our opening and closing montage, and working on ways to make the show slicker and more with what's currently important when choosing a home to buy, or invest in  or renovate.  The impending elections give us more time to tweak what we'd like to do, as no one is making a move until after May 5th.

We are also looking at changing the way viewers see our web page so stay tuned for that, I can only BLURT it out once we've made the change!  We've also been to FINAS where we were received really well and had a lot of
a homestay we viewed in Pahang
positive feedback on the show.  We're still big on digital media and IPTV and hope that all this will take off as we launch our second season.

So with that, I'm going to head out and meet up with more folk in the biz to stir up the dust that has settled on this shelf and hopefully create a small, wee stir in you too regarding our show.