Monday, February 27, 2012

Second to last France Post!

Sigh... My last bottle of red from the Luberon valley, my last dinner in France, .. everytime I think of having to get on those planes to go back I start to feel nervous.. but Malaysia is calling.. I have to go back, have to face my life there. I've had a tremendous time, more than I had expected..

the Provence  interior gardens are very similar to balinese and thai houses, all you see are cement facades and big wooden carved doors, but once the doors are open it's like eden inside.. they really know how to landscape their bit of earth. give me a beautiful house of wood and glass by the beach, with drift wood pieces and I'll be happy or a ranch style house nestled in a lush valley with aztec carpets and throws on big overstuffed couches with terracotta floors on the verandah and varnished wood flooring inside...
Downloading all my songs that Ana likes on to her pen drive (once a DJ.. etc)

It's 11.42 pm. and I'm sort of waltzing in and out of Ana's house looking up at the stars and quaffing more wine and piddling arund on the puter.. a bundle of nerves, whilst she looks on at me and laughs but at the same time is saying what on earth is she gong to do as I will not be on line for a couple of days!!
I don't think 'll be sleeping on the plane like I did coming in from KL as I was really exhausted when I boarded and slept most of the way, so now WHAT bleedin book or movie to watch????

I am listening to latin tunes and both of us are looking at the full moon on her patio.. luckily the dogs haven't started howling yet!
I love cooking, but I haven't done much lately, but I did quite bit here, as I have people who appreciate the effort, so will take that back to Ka Ka Town and see if the sprogs like the new found cooking energy!

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