Monday, May 26, 2008

what is up?

I was just about to put the first spoonful of mouthwatering curry laksa in my mouth when my phone sms alert went off... Bad enough I was sitting in my work-out gear, having not showered , as my wonderful best friend said to just come over after my workout for a coffee at her House, and here I was, at a Coffee Shop, sweaty, under dressed, and staring at the sms on my phone, while she looks like she's just walked out of a magazine.. I hate her, please remind me to always take a change of clothes when visiting her after the gym.

I said to Kina,' don't take your glasses of yet mate, read this.' She takes the phone gingerly from me, like it was a ticking bomb, and reads it.  'Man, this guy just doesn't give up D,' she says.  'I know!' and I read the message again.  It's Mr. Retro, sigh, after asking me out for drinks last week and me managing to get out of it, he's now asked me to go to his resort in one of the Islands,  he said he'd make sure I'd have my own room, no strings attached , just let him spoil me ... Do I look as if I was born yesterday, No Strings Attached??? Helloooo...

I said to Kina 'It's time I sorted this out' She says 'yeah, just tell him you want a huge diamond ring, and to see the balance of his bank account, lets see how fast he disappears then!'  'Ha Ha, very funny, knowing my luck he'd comply!' I say. So I texted him and asked him if he was still in town, he texts back to say he'll be in town till Wednesday, when he leaves for the Island.  I then, and believe me I think this is a stroke of genius in the reverse physiology department, text him to say that we should meet up tomorrow, as I think we need to have a talk.  I hit send and wait to see if I get a response or if he's decided to finally cease and desist.  It's like saying over a megaphone "please stand away from your phone"!

I look at Kina who's giggling at me.  'What?' I ask.  'Didn't you just say, in my house, less than 30 minutes ago, that you've decided to live the life of a nun, and there would be no men till next year???!! She's grinning as she says this.  Now I'm getting irritated, when I don't face up to my demons and ignore them I'm told I'm sweeping my problems under the mat, when I do decide to face this particular demon, I'm now in the running as the next Mrs Retro. Arrrggghhhh!!!

Before I get to retort, the phone goes off, 'hey mate, your cricket's making noise' says Kina.  It's my sms alert, I think it's cute, unlike some people.  So I open up the message and it's a long one, I'm groaning inside, what now? Well, he's waffling on a bit, and finally says that he can meet for lunch but not dinner as he has a business dinner to attend , so would that be ok.  I call one of the producers who wants me to go outstation tomorrow, to check if it's still on before I confirm. Nope no trip, so I'm free to enter the lion's den.  I send "ok' back to him.  And typically do not receive a response to the effect of where and what time.  

As we're paying the bill for lunch the phone goes, I look at the message, and smile to myself, Kina is almost out of her chair as she cranes to see the message. 'Chill Chicka' I tell her, it's only Naz.  Who funnily enough has texted me to find out if any of my 'admirers' have contacted me.  I call her back and relay what just happened and her reply just says it all.  'Far-ked'  !  

Four hours later still no sms from him, I'm smiling to myself, should have done this ages ago I think, then I wouldn't have had to go through all the dodging and weaving!  Men..... Dx

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