Monday, October 26, 2009

Movin on again!

I keep looking at my blogspot and keep thinking I really have to blog about all the news that's been going on, but I let myself get so distracted by e mails, facebook, twitter and friends and family that it's just a blur and finally I sit here and think,
I have got to just say a few things.

One , I have left No Black Tie, it was great while it lasted but we all could see that I would out grow it, and it thought me many things, especially about how I'm really not as superhuman as I think I am regarding energy and spent time! But what a ride!

I'm now working as a consultant for an Events/branding company called Brightbox Asia, and it suits me fine as I've got time to help host an art exhibition for my friend Mark Harris this weekend, and manage Dasha Logan with her singing career, and generally catch up with friends and family. I guess when you are in the creative field, everything is a possibility. I find my paths criss crossing again with so many things I enjoy doing and people who inspire me.

If you want to check out Mark's art it's :
our wonderful song bird
Dasha Logan :
My actor buddy Craig Foong :

and there will be more to come!

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