Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I've been meaning to go to the consulate for the last three weeks, somehow or the other I've managed to procrastinate or make excuses not to go. The question is why? It's not like going to the dentist is it? heh heh.. well my dentist is a sweetie so that's a bad analogy! OK OK so it's not like going to see (oh this is a good one) a government officer who is disbursing the funds from one's late husband's estate... hah!

In fact every time I've gone to the consulate, they've been nothing but helpful, kind and really pleasant ...so what's with the mental stumbling block I say? Could it be that I'm really quite disturbed (yeah yeah you all know I am mental) by the thought of finally getting that final document that is required to blow this pop stand? Is it?

Well today is the day, I'm going in, (says she who's still on the computer... sigh) I have half an hour to have my coffee, to get ready and put my war paint on (any more of those comments about it would take forever are SO uncalled for!) hop into the tank and roar off into town. Can I do it?

OF COURSE! I'll let you know later...

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