Monday, November 29, 2010

First Episode of T.A.O.L.S

*Hey Daph, can you come over to my shop now ?*, says my best friend Sakinah.
*I will be there in an hour or so, just waiting on some docs here, whats up? *I say
*I am trying to figure out the best colour for your dress for the opening title* , She says
*Oh my god, girlfriend!*, *I said I would just come over and have a look at what you already have! You don't have to make a dress especially for me!* I exclaim.
This is so very typical of Sakinah, who owns Intent in Bangsar. She is a perfectionist when it comes to clothes and fashion, so rather than have me choose something that fits, she will make something that is perfect, and when I went there a couple of hours later, the dress was already sewn up and ready for a final fitting. She had chosen a royal purple colour. I looked at her quizzically, I don't usually wear purple.
She said * Just you wait and see, the colour will really pop out on the screen* and guess what , she was absolutely right!

The next day we started our shoot for episode 1,we took off to Ipoh for the day, to shoot a couple of developments there, and the day after two beautiful luxury resort condos in KL. I have waited so long to bring this whole production together, I had waited for my Film Director to be available and for my make up artist Lyana Dee, who know just how to make my skin look flawless!

Exhausted? yes. Stressed? yes. Loving it? absolutely!

Yesterday I spent three hours in the recording studio doing all my voice over pieces. My throat was so sore by the end, but it was a very productive recording, albeit the phone calls and e mails swamping my blackberry every second!
This week we have more shoots to do, and will be looking at the final edit of episode one, I am so excited!

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