Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shop till you drop !

Phew what a week it's been, the bags around my eyes feel more like luggage!  I'm not complaining though, it's all been really good, as my second production is being rolled out to the sponsors, the meetings begin to intensify, but between all that , life does go on and one of the other things I had to deal with is having my widdle puddy tat being spayed.  Those eyes totally slayed me, I felt like the worst type of human after I picked her up.  She's ticked off with me no doubt!, she's turned her back on me so far... hmmnn I have to try bribery with her fav wet food soon! (guilty complex much!)
Our cat Blay

I have often thought (believe me I have many many times) how do the other single mums do it? I count myself very lucky as I work from home but when I had to work on the radio station full time,   and  I had  to start my day at 4.30 am, shopping was the last thing I had on my mind at the end of my workday! But you did it anyway.   I think the biggest blessing so far is online shopping, believe you me it's a life saver, or more to the point a time saver.   Between working, picking and dropping of kids, keeping the house tidy and cooking,  getting the grocery shopping done is,  lets face it , tis a bit of a chore sometimes.   So when  the supermarkets went online, I was in like Flyn!  

A few of my friends have asked me, isn't it more expensive?  Heck no, the fact that you can buy exactly what's on your list from the comfort of your home/office/back of a car etc, makes it more efficient and because you're not meandering around the isles being bombarded by the "specials", you head to the check out relatively unscathed and trust me, the costs stay down. Of course I prefer to go to the market to get my fresh veg and seafood but nothing beats delivery of groceries to your own home, specially when you're crunching deadlines.

Taman Tun indoor market in KL
Groceries are not the only things that I find economical to buy online,  I've been an online shopper for ages, and I buy everything from groceries to reading glasses online, so much so that when I read that 11street was coming to Malaysia, I insisted we get the CEO in to the radio station to talk about their online shopping portal!  We've also had the online clothing store CEO of  ZALORA (coupon code ZBAPj5M)  on the show to give us a few pearls of wisdom.   C'mon you've done it, flicked through the pictures  on your phone or tablet while waiting, it does save time!
My children bought my christmas prezzie online too!

There are many established and dedicated sites, so far from my experience, locally I trust, 11st street, zalora and alibaba express is a great place too, to name a few.   I'm sure if I asked you, there 'd be even more sites I have not heard of!  I believe in the future we will have huge warehouses replacing retail shops or just fronts for the retailers for visual impact and most shopping will be done online.

The world's first virtual shopping center opened in Korea . All the products are just LCD screens that allows you to order the items by touching the screen. When you get to the counter, your items are already bagged and ready to go.

Which brings me to another point then before I have to go and check on the kitty, doesn't it make more sense to move with the digital era and have your products listed online on the many sites for retail?  Whenever we look for something, we use the search engines online, everything you want to buy is there from AMAZON to EBAY.  So when you decide you have a product you want to sell, start first with online retail , overheads are low and you can build up momentum on the quantity, just make sure you have at least 2 to 3  sites you're listed with for maximum impact until you can build your own store online.

Right I gotta jet, you have a fantastic rest of the week, keep the comments and e mails coming, and I'll catch you next week!

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