Thursday, March 24, 2016

The last word

I've been under the weather lately, a really bad viral attack had me home bound for a couple of weeks and slowly the pain in receding. So while I had time on my hands I went through the admin side of the social media sites and that's checking the comments, responding to them, tidying up the written content , you know what I mean! It's a virtual way of cleaning house without the physical side of it!!

I came across a couple of negative remarks and comments on my social media platforms, some from friends and some from strangers.  So I thought to myself how do other people deal with negativism ?  ~"the practice of being or tendency to be negative or skeptical in attitude while failing to offer positive suggestions or views.".
We're no stranger to this, you could be a student, or climbing up the corporate ladder, a housewife, a multimillionaire and everyone bar none will have experienced this.  The funny thing about us human beings is that we could receive 20 wonderful comments about our work/product/result and get 1 negative one, and which one do you remember?  The negative one!  ( this is the link for 7 strategies for Dealing with Negative People )

Sometimes it's better to switch off!

When we  were on radio  I swear my former CEO said " just remember there are a lot Psychos out there, don't take anything personally!".   We had our share of  irate callers believe me,  and some did attack  us personally. We were advised not to engage if it was personal and just report the call .  Same with being on Television, when the comments were constructive,  we'd write back and if they were negative we'd just delete it and let it go.

Yah, I was like "OMG"!

If you really think about it, not everyone is going to like what you do and or even you personally, that's part of the tapistry of life, so many different types of people, likes and dislikes are so diverse, and there's bound to be people who won't get on.  Here's the link  How to deal with negative comments on social media

Well for me I break it down into two categories, constructive criticism and personal attacks.  I've learned to not react immediately, I take a deep breath and step back, think about it and if it's worth my effort , to respond diplomatically,  and if it's just utter tripe.... I just let it go and chalk it down to "pot shots from the cheap seats"!  (see even you smiled)  or I call my bestie  and have a rant, get  it out of my system and carry on.  There is more to life than allowing negative thoughts and words from others to impact you and your lifestyle,  like that sale you just signed off on, or the new app you designed or the dinner party you're throwing , you get my drift.  So sally forth, and let the positive rule the way!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for subscribing to my vlogs, much appreciated!

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