Friday, May 6, 2016

What a scandal

Whooo the exhibition  for Scandelabra is in a weeks time! The excitement is building, d  and as I'm co organiser,  I'm getting all the invites out.   Lisa the artist under her brand OXOLOCO,  has helped me in the past with  my graphics, banners, labels you name it, she did it!,  is working like Trojan to get the pieces ready for ... you'll love this date, Friday the 13th. Heh Heh, Lisa picked it purposely as she feels it's a lucky day.

Trying to get some  work in progress images from Lisa, was bit tricky but I managed to rile her up enough to send me a few! He He.  Do you remember the green Celadon tea pot I gave her to use as part of her artwork? ( I posted in my last blog)   Well I spotted it in her work shop (sneaky me!)

Can you spot the teapot....
 It's such a joyful feeling to see creativity take shape, especially if you're contributed, in a very minute way, towards it. Lisa told me she paired my Celadon tea pot with her mothers vintage Noritake saucer.  The story behind it was that her father had bought it for her mother when they first got married, but the entire set was stolen when they put the set into storage whilst having their house built, except for that one piece, how odd eh.

The noritake saucer that was left behind!
So can you imagine the stories behind each lamp?  I imagine owning such a lamp would be quite the centrepiece of some interesting conversation! 
She's also been working on the lamp shades, and they range from lace to little chi chi pom poms like this one 
You know you're going to touch the pom pom!
I'm still trying to imagine how Lisa will stage the area we've been so kindly given by the owner of Ziba carpets, but dressing areas is her forte and I'm sure it will look exactly the way she wants in order to highlight these beautiful upcycled pieces of functional art.  

For those of you who want to come join us, it's going to be at Ziba, the addy is 26G, 26-1 & 26-2, Jalan Telawi  2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, between 3 and 9 pm.   Here's the link for  Ziba directions

For those of you who can't make it, we're going to be staging a few more little pop up exhibitions around Malaysia, so stay tuned for that on my blog.  I'll leave you with a tantalising image of one of her finished pieces.   For those of you attending, see you on Friday.  Thank you again for subscribing to my blog and hey I do post vlogs up from time to time on you tube, so check those out too.  Happy Weekend!

Scandelabra Blue

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