Sunday, December 7, 2008

France first impression

I'm in France baby! Wow what an incredible place. So dreamy, so romantic, so FRENCH! he he!

The french though, whom one presumes are arrogant are actually very polite people. I'm staying with my dearest friend is in Aix en Provence in the south, and it's HOT!! I've brought too much winter gear, thank god I had also brought some light stuff as I've been sweating it out.. (ok ok we glisten we don't sweat!)

Ana has a pool and we've been hanging out by it for the last couple of days, lazing away, watching the dogs sniff around the herb plants, lavender growing wildly around the garden, the smell of thyme wafts through the air, butterflies drifting from the pine trees, the cones spread out as if magically arranged. "Ddddd... " she croons to me. "yeah?" I say. "vino?" she inquires. "um.. why not" I say, she was right about the Rose wines from this region, they are absoluely scrumptious.

I trundle into her cute French cottage that she's just bought, and get the glasses and a bottle of Wine, I'm having a quiet chuckle to myself as the wine is also organic.. heh heh! We had hit the grocery store earlier on and stocked up on wines, cheeses, cold cuts, and olives.. mmmm the olives were just so delicious. I meander back to the pool the dogs trotting around me, they look as if they are smiling, and who could deny that expression, what was there not to smile about.

I was going through a bit of jet lag, and was waking up in the wee hours of the morning. This morning at 4 am, it was still dark , and rather than disturb Ana, I walked out quietly onto the patio and sat under a sky full of very bright stars, with a cool breeze gently playing around me. I looked at the distant Mountains from where we are in Puyvert. I was playing some of my music from my lap top quietly and I thought what an extraordinary day, so beautiful, so peaceful.

Yesterday I was in Aix and had a walk around the little town, the people are very friendly, it's got beautiful old cobblestone streets winding in and out of these pink/sandy stone buildings, with those typically french cafe's that we sat in to have a cafe creme, and had lunch near one of their many fountains, the food was manifique. I was enchanted by the way the french women spoke with their hands, and the many different ways they shrug to express themselves.

I hoping to go see an art exhibition in a cave,sounds interesting. Tomorrow I shall go to one of the markets, am really looking forward to it.....

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