Sunday, December 7, 2008

France second impression

I've just come back from yet another lovely chilled out lunch in Lourmarin, which is the village we're staying in, lovely pretty little restaurant on top of those old buildings, it has romantic red and white curtains hanging to give everyone some form of privacy, creeping vines with black berries snaking across the top of the trellis, soft music being piped in and loungy benches with thick fat cushions to sit on, we needed the hair of the dog today after last night's over the top drinking session due to the departure of another friend who had been visiting as well, and surprisingly they made really tasty bloody Marys!

The rose wines here are the speciality of the region, I normally am not a big rose fan, but I must say they are very very good, turning into a lush? why I do NOT beg to differ!

Hmm one does assume that the french are an arrogant bunch, but I've noticed here how polite they are. When you get into a lift they say bonjour, when you get out they say, Au revoir, when you go to cafe to order it always hello, thank you and have a good day when you leave, I was told that they are more receptive to foreigners when you attempt to speak in French to them first.. a point that has been proven , I tried.. heh heh . jusqu'à la prochaine fois

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