Sunday, December 7, 2008

France third impression

After walking the dogs (Ana has two) for an hour along the small french roads which meandered around some vinyards, we came back and flaked out, it's so damn hot! Popped off after two to go into town and have a coffee and do even more shopping.. not me, Ana, I just got this lovely charm bracelet with little angles of Puyvert dangling sweetly from it. We have to time ourselves because like Spain the shops close till 3 in the afternoon! Oh what is a shopaholic to do!

We went a little mad at the butchers as I opened my big mouth and said I felt like sausages, (yes yes I know I don't look like one... arghhh old joke!) so we've got one of each! god knows how two women are going to plough through it all! The question is whether I have the energy to bbq them tonight or will just saute them in olive oil, which is abundant in this place, there are olive trees everywhere!

I'll be sadly leaving France on the 16th, Ana is determined to make me change my mind about moving to NZ and to France instead, she's already started to ply me with links for residency applications! he he he...

Am having my first glass of rose as I'm typing this, and hoping yet again that my jet lag won't get the best of me, I mean I do enjoy sitting out on the patio looking at the stars at 4 am, but it's hell on the energy levels. My mother called me from the Uk and told me I was pathetic for having my lag this long.. my mum is one tough bird.

as you can see from the pic well past the blurry bits.. we did the sausages! Dx

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