Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm Sleeveing on a jetplane

I usually bung the ol macbook pro into my beat up candy striped sleeve, which has had lets face it, seen some fantastic locations, backseats littered with camera equipment and on occasion been tucked under the passenger chair of my truck (don't look at me like that, Mac's are durable!)

Most times I've have everything prepped for presentations, so no one sees my manky computer sleeve, however, as murphy's law would have it, not this time!  I had placed my laptop, still in it's sleeve on the conference table, and was in the process of unzipping it when someone piped up and said " I do hope the laptop isn't as bad as that old pillow case you have masquerading as a sleeve".... Mortified doesn't begin cover how I felt, so I went sleeve  hunting online.  First stop was my friend WebGrrl site as I wanted something different.   Her designs are funky, eclectic and eye catching, guess what I found!

It's like carrying around a piece of art with you.  Now, maybe I need to get a new lappie for the new sleeve..... 

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