Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shoes Glorious Shoes

I  think one of the reasons why Sex in the City was such a hit was because Carrie Bradshaw showcased some lovely lovely (did I say lovely) shoes, plus amazingly enough, from our own Malaysian designer Dato Jimmy Choo (oh yes people we got talent too)
One of the biggest complaints women have is the durability of shoes bought if they’re under the US$70 mark, however.. *grin* I have found and bought some amazing shoes from Zalora for exactly that! And they’re still in great condition!  (yes yes a bit on the HIGH heels side but I’m kinda umm horizontally challenged at 5f3″!)   
Here’s a link to see what I’ve got my beady eyes locked on next! Dourthang-Heels
Zippadidodaa zippadeday!

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